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Relaxing or Dynamic- How do you Forward Fold?

Forward Fold (Uttanasana) is a pose that we do repeatedly in a Vinyasa class and yet it's often not given it's proper attention. Forward folds can be healing in your soul and a relaxing pose. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I can often be found in a forward fold with my eyes closed in order to tune back into my breath and my purpose.

In the first few rounds of your Surya Namaskar use your hands to grab your legs and pull your chest into your legs on the exhale in the fullest expression of the pose. Around your 4th forward fold change the dynamic of the pose by drawing your belly in and only using your core muscles to pull the chest into your thighs.

Forward folds can be a surrender and also an invigorating pose depending on how you engage your body. Switch up your practice and let your body take a different dynamic in your forward fold. Snap a selfie of you in a forward fold and use the hashtag #beeyogafusion
I want to see you!

What is the Best Yoga Pose for People Over 50?

As we age balance is a key physical component that we need to practice. I often tell my students to incorporate yoga into their daily life. Tree Pose (Vrksasana) is a fantastic balancing posture that you can incorporate into your life by standing on one foot while you brush your teeth. My dentist recommends brushing teeth for 60 seconds, think about it...You can simply stand on one foot for 30 seconds and then switch legs. Or try balancing in tree pose while you wash the dishes or load the dishwasher.

Give it a try tonight and see if you can bring your awareness to the pose while brushing your teeth, it's a wonderful challenge to try! 
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The 411 on Cobra vs Up Dog

Cobra and Up Dog look very similar upon first glance but when you break the poses down you realize how completely different they are.

Let's start with Cobra: In Cobra the lower half of your body is on your mat; legs, tops of your feet, hips and pelvis. Placing your hands shoulder width apart, fingers wide you lift your chest off of the mat. Drop your shoulders back and keep a bend in your arms as your elbows draw into your ribcage. Inhale as you lift.

In Up Dog (as pictured) the only parts of your body that are touching the mat are your hands and the tops of your feet. Legs are straight and lifted off of the mat, as well as the hips are lifted. Hands, wrist and shoulder are in a straight line- one on top of the other. Again you inhale as you lift the chest.

Play around with each pose during your Surya Namaskar. Switch them periodically during a class. If you have additional questions or want to delve further into your practice let's schedule a private yoga session. Private classes can be done in person or via Skype. Send me an email with your date preferences. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Q & A: Can I Do Yoga While on my Period?

Question: Are there yoga poses that I should avoid when I'm menstruating?

Answer: This is honestly a personal decision. You need to be tuned into your body and identify how exactly you are feeling while you are on your period. If you often feel light headed or suffer from headaches, I would avoid headstand or handstand or any poses where your head is below your heart for a prolonged period of time.

If you often feel dizzy during that time of the month, widen your stance during the warrior poses and if the class ever becomes too intense remember that child's pose is your best friend.

It's always a good idea to use this time once a month to enjoy a restorative yoga practice especially if your regular practice is intense and vigorous. Tune into what your body needs and take the time to get quiet and reflect.
My Sunday Yoga Flow in the Park is a wonderful slow practice where we spend a lot of time stretching. Stop by and say hi.

What does Namaste Mean?

You've heard it said at the end of yoga class a million times but now that you've been going to yoga class for several months it seems awkward to ask what it means, right?

Don't worry, I have you covered!

Check out the video of me teaching a Family Yoga Class at Family Equality Council's Family Week in Provincetown, MA. In it I share the blessing that is at the end of every single one of my yoga classes and the meaning behind the mysterious word "Namaste".