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Allow Your Yoga Practice to Change You

I arrive on my mat with a mantra in my mind. "Just because I can doesn't mean I should."
My personal yoga practice has always had arm balances and challenging poses. I perfer my vinyasa flow, fast and hard. I like to leave my mat with fatigued arms and sweat dripping from my body. But lately things have changed for me, my personal practice has become slower and the stretches are deeper. The poses are just as challenging but in a different way. It's not about strength and more about the ability to let go. Which honestly feels harder for me.

An essential part of any yoga practice is Svadhyaya (Self Study). The practice of self study allows the yoga student to have a better understanding of their authentic self. It can be a moment to moment experience whether on your mat or off of it in the real world. The idea is to look at what you are doing, the habits you have created in your life and to observe yourself. Not in a judgemental way! Simply to observe and delve deeper into asking questions of yourself. Why do you behave that way? Why do you seek that response? 

My mantra "Just because I can doesn't mean I should." is helping me observe my yoga practice. Just because I can pop into an arm balance and add challenging poses to my practice doesn't mean I should. Why do I do it? Why am I doing the extra chaterunga? Why am I always looking for an opportunity to balance on my hands? What am I scared of in slowing down my practice? 

As I sit in the seat of observation throughout my personal practice and connect to my mantra I've learned that it's harder for me to slow down because that voice of fear and negativity tends to talk louder in my mind when I'm going slower. It takes greater courage for me to breathe and let my body relax. I encourage you to look at your own personal practice, to observe your life. Why do we keep making the same mistakes? Why do we keep getting hurt by the same people? Slow down, take time to tune into your breath and try sitting in the seat of observation this week. Observe your life and how you are living. Is it leading you to your greater purpose? Are you sharing your authentic self with the world? What can you do to change it?

Try my mantra in your everyday life and see where it leads you."Just because I can doesn't mean I should."

NEW Monthly Motivators

The Monthly Motivator is a featured special class to delve deeper into your yoga practice or to introduce you to yoga and how it can compliment your fitness routine. Each month will be a different topic. I hope you will join me at one or all of the Monthly Motivator classes at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio. Open to all students, including beginners. Bring a yoga mat and your thirst for knowledge. 75 minutes. 
Go to the Class Calendar and then click on the "Monthly Motivator" tab to sign up.
Please note: Class passes will not be accepted. 

Sunday, October 25th at 2pm: Using Props in Your Vinyasa Practice: 
Do you attend all-levels vinyasa classes but sometimes struggle with the Vinyasa flow? Are you intregiued about using blocks and straps in your practice but you aren't sure exactly what to do with them? Come to this monthly motivator and learn how to use props to enhance your yoga practice, to go deeper into poses and stretch your body.

Sunday, November 8th at 2pm: Restore & Renew: 
Find balance in the body and mind by learning yoga poses and breathing techniques to calm your nervous system. Restorative yoga poses and breathing techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help you better handle stressful situations (Holidays!!!) and relax your body at the end of the day. Come to this monthly motivator and learn yoga poses and breathing techniques to calm your nervous system. 

Sunday January 10th at 2pm: Take Flight, Arm Balance Workshop: 
Have you always wanted to stand on your hands? Arm balances are so exciting yet they can feel intimidating and frightening without the proper guidance of a teacher to help you navigate the poses safely. Come to this monthly motivator to discover the lightness of being on your hands. Students will learn several arm balances and then be able to incorporate the poses into a Surya Namaskar practice. Students must be able to do Bakasana (Crow Pose) comfortably.

Sunday March 20th at 2pm: Yoga for Runners: 
Prepare your body for your next marathon or 5K by learning breathing techniques and yoga poses that enhance your physical running practice. Come to this monthly motivator and learn what stretches to do pre and post run to lengthen the hamstrings and stretch the piriformis, hips and It band. 

BINGO- 30 day Yoga Challenge

The Bee Yoga Fusion studio turns 1!!

Join me and other yogis as we celebrate our comitment to healthier living and win GREAT PRIZES! 
Sign up to complete the Bee Yoga Fusion 30 day Yoga Challenge!

This challenge is for everyone. You do not have to have an advanced yoga practice and it doesn't mean that you have to do yoga everyday. This is an all-levels challange. The rules are easy to follow and by the end of the month you might have picked up a new healthy habit.

Click on the BINGO card and print out or pick one up at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio. Complete the squares and when finished cross out the box in any order that you'd like. 

Prizes- One winner randomly selected per category. 
Based on the honor system, please do not cheat! 
Every square must be completed during the month of September 2015. 

BINGO Prize Categories & Prizes: 

  • Complete Entire Card: Private yoga class with Gretchen, $25 gift certificate to Athleta clothing store in Columbia MD, Athleta Chi yoga mat, $25 gift card to Proteus Bike Store in College Park, 2 movie tickets at the Old Greenbelt Theatre with popcorn, Jade yoga towel and BYF t-shirt. ($230 value, one winner)
  • Make a T or X: Free BYF yoga class, Jade balsa wood yoga block, yoga strap and BYF t-shirt. ($60 value, two winners)
  • Straight line or Diagonal: Javazen coffee and BYF t-shirt. ($33 value, two winners)
Everyone who completes the challenge (regardless of getting a BINGO) will be entered in the final drawing on 10/2/15. 
Return your completed card (regardless of getting a BINGO) to Gretchen by 10/1/15 for a chance to win: 
Javazen coffee, water bottle and BYF t-shirt ($43 value, one winner) 

If you have any questions please email me
Thank you to the many companies who have donated items to the Yoga Challenge.