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Inversion Dos & Don'ts

Inversions force the blood flow in your body to reverse. It's like hitting Control-Alt-Delete and restarting your computer. More oxygen is provided to your brain which increases mental functioning and improves concentration.

So the next time you feel that 2pm. mental slump at the office, try getting upside down!

You don't have to lift into an handstand or headstand to get the benefits that being upside provides. Simply put your head below your heart. Which can be done in a forward fold or a wide legged fold as well as typical inversions (headstand and handstand).

Don't- do inversions right after eating. I don't think this needs an explanation.

Do- stay in your inversion for several breaths. You won't get the benefits of the pose if you lift into it and then immediately come back down. Use a wall or props to help you hold the pose for longer.

Do- let go of your ego and allow the pose to be what it is in your body right now.

Don't- force it. Take your time and breathe.

Do- stay safe. Remember that while in headstands you are putting weight into your neck. Start with a strong foundation and take your time.

Pay it Forward - To a Yogi

Several years ago I taught community yoga classes in the basement of a church that was donation only in order to serve and offer yoga to people who would not normally be able to afford it.

I placed a bucket by the door with a sign that said "suggested donation $10". Some people donated more than that each week but the best part was that I was reaching a community of people who really needed yoga in their lives due to their financial circumstances or health.

Now that I have the Bee Yoga Fusion yoga studio I am unable to offer a walk-in community class due to class size limitations of the space. I've held on to the Monday night community class, offering it at a discounted rate for students who can't afford class passes or the price of a drop-in class. But as I look around the room I know that my services are not reaching the depth that they once did in helping to create a yoga practice for people who were financially unable to afford it.

For the month of November and December, for every student that uses their class pass to pay for a Monday night class I will be donating $1 to go towards a Pay It Forward Yoga Class Pass. The Pay It Forward Class Pass will be given to chosen individuals who have expressed the need for yoga in their lives.

No you don't need to show me your W-2 but I am asking that you be honest both with yourself and with our yoga community. If you can purchase a weekly Starbucks and enter 5 marathon races per year this Pay It Forward Class Pass was not created with you in mind. This pass is for the yogi who has come upon hard times, who is barely staying afloat and yet still scrapes together $10 to show up and roll out their mat each Monday night because yoga is their saving grace.

To be considered as one of the Pay It Forward Class Pass recipients please answer these questions:

  • How has yoga changed your life?
  • What is holding you back from living your best life?

Submit your essay questions to by January 1st, 2015.
For privacy reasons winners will not be announced publicly.  

*****There will also be a bucket for donations as you enter the studio. ******

Let Go of Control

When you roll out your yoga mat in a community class try to let go of any preconceived notions of what will happen in that class. If at the beginning of the class the teacher asks, "what would you like to work on?", try to not answer if you are typically the first person to shout out a request. This one time try to be quiet and still. Listen to the requests of the other students and go along with the flow of the class. Sometimes we can't see our own problems clearly and the requests of others might be exactly what you needed to practice today. As students we often put our trust in the teacher leading the class and we let go of control, for a little while.

I'm a type-A person that likes to be in control but when I roll out my yoga mat in a class I rejoice in the ability to be a student again, to put my teacher hat aside. To open and allow this gifted teacher to shift my perspective, to open my heart in the poses and create space for me to breathe. When we allow this shift to happen, when we let go and allow the class to unfold in front of us we are then open to experience compassion and gratitude. By freeing our minds of the blocks that normally hold us back; the restlessness, anxiousness, the boredom. We open ourselves to ourselves.