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Q & A: Can I Do Yoga While on my Period?

Question: Are there yoga poses that I should avoid when I'm menstruating?

Answer: This is honestly a personal decision. You need to be tuned into your body and identify how exactly you are feeling while you are on your period. If you often feel light headed or suffer from headaches, I would avoid headstand or handstand or any poses where your head is below your heart for a prolonged period of time.

If you often feel dizzy during that time of the month, widen your stance during the warrior poses and if the class ever becomes too intense remember that child's pose is your best friend.

It's always a good idea to use this time once a month to enjoy a restorative yoga practice especially if your regular practice is intense and vigorous. Tune into what your body needs and take the time to get quiet and reflect.
My Sunday Yoga Flow in the Park is a wonderful slow practice where we spend a lot of time stretching. Stop by and say hi.

What does Namaste Mean?

You've heard it said at the end of yoga class a million times but now that you've been going to yoga class for several months it seems awkward to ask what it means, right?

Don't worry, I have you covered!

Check out the video of me teaching a Family Yoga Class at Family Equality Council's Family Week in Provincetown, MA. In it I share the blessing that is at the end of every single one of my yoga classes and the meaning behind the mysterious word "Namaste".

Do your wrists ache? Try this yoga pose!

Several of my corporate clients complain of their wrists aching after hours spent in front of the computer. Here is a wonderful stretch that you can do right now at work. It stretches the forearms and the wrists and is a great exercise to do daily if you suffer from carpel tunnel. 

You will begin this pose in Virabhadrasana One (Warrior One)
Stand with your feet about two and a half feet apart from each other, with the back foot create a slight angle yet the front foot remains forward. Now add a bend to the front leg being sure to not let the knee go past the toes. The back leg should remain straight. Take your focus to your hips and try to square the hip bones forward. For example if your left leg is forward you will want to draw the left hip back while the right hip comes forward. 

Now let's add the arms. Extend the arms out in front of you, palms facing each other. Drop the shoulders down. Draw the thumbs into the palms and wrap the rest of the fingers around the thumbs. Slowly tilt the thumbs away from you and breathe. Hold this pose for 5 breaths on each leg.
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Living Truth

Living in our truth means that we are living authentically, the way in which we present ourselves to the world is inline with our greater purpose and we are living a life that we are proud of. The way in which you conduct yourself at work, at home with your friends or is all in alignment with the version of yourself that you want to present to the world?
Do you portray yourself as the same exact person in every situation? Are you the same person that picks your son up from daycare and the woman who greeted customers on the showroom floor?
Or does it feel like you are playing different characters in the same play? Are you adapting yourself in every environment to make room for everyone else? Do you feel like a chameleon, constantly changing for the people who are surrounding you? Are you living your truth or are you pretending to be someone that you aren't?

*This is an excerpt from the book that I am currently writing which explores how yoga principles can put you in line with your greater purpose. 

How can you teach kids to calm down?

Teaching kids to calm down and tune into their breath is pretty easy IF you give them an activity. It is hard for most kids to sit in half lotus and tune into their breath as adults would in a yoga class. They haven't had the life experience yet on how to sit and just be in the moment.

Children are oftentimes moving and shifting and changing into different thoughts and emotions. Teaching kids to use their breath to calm down is a wonderful tool to help them manage and navigate difficult situations both emotionally and physically. For example: not being chosen first to be on a team or crossing the monkey bars without falling to the ground, are both huge obstacles for children.

This is a fun game that I do with my yoga kids to allow them to slow down and tune into their breath. Each child is given a small craft pom-pom ball and a plastic straw. I use painters tape on the floor to create different tracks for the children to blow the ball with the straw down the track, being sure to keep the ball within the two lines of tape. If the ball goes over the line they have to use their breath to get it back on course. Try this game at home with your kids and if you are local, be sure to sign your child up for my Bee Yoga Fusion After-School Yoga Class at Greenbelt Elementary in the Fall of 2014.