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BINGO- 30 day Yoga Challenge

The Bee Yoga Fusion studio turns 1!!

Join me and other yogis as we celebrate our comitment to healthier living and win GREAT PRIZES! 
Sign up to complete the Bee Yoga Fusion 30 day Yoga Challenge!

This challenge is for everyone. You do not have to have an advanced yoga practice and it doesn't mean that you have to do yoga everyday. This is an all-levels challange. The rules are easy to follow and by the end of the month you might have picked up a new healthy habit.

Click on the BINGO card and print out or pick one up at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio. Complete the squares and when finished cross out the box in any order that you'd like. 

Prizes- One winner randomly selected per category. 
Based on the honor system, please do not cheat! 
Every square must be completed during the month of September 2015. 

BINGO Prize Categories & Prizes: 

  • Complete Entire Card: Private yoga class with Gretchen, $25 gift certificate to Athleta clothing store in Annapolis MD, Athleta Chi yoga mat, $25 gift card to Proteus Bike Store in College Park, 2 movie tickets at the Old Greenbelt Theatre with popcorn, Jade yoga towel and BYF t-shirt. ($230 value, one winner)
  • Make a T or X: Free BYF yoga class, Jade balsa wood yoga block, yoga strap and BYF t-shirt. ($60 value, two winners)
  • Straight line or Diagonal: Javazen coffee and BYF t-shirt. ($33 value, two winners)
Everyone who completes the challenge (regardless of getting a BINGO) will be entered in the final drawing on 10/2/15. 
Return your completed card (regardless of getting a BINGO) to Gretchen by 10/1/15 for a chance to win: 
Javazen coffee, water bottle and BYF t-shirt ($43 value, one winner) 

If you have any questions please email me
Thank you to the many companies who have donated items to the Yoga Challenge.

Sobriety is My Celebration

Today, August 14th, 2015 marks my anniversary.... I have been sober for three years. 
To be honest, being sober for three years has been the hardest thing I have ever done. It's a daily struggle, a daily commitment, each day I honor my emotions and tune in to my true authentic self. And I celebrate each day that passes, not just the years, but each and every day of being sober. 

I no longer count how many drinks people have at parties. I can sit down at a dinner party next to a person drinking wine and I can hear them. I can actually hear them! I can hear their story, I can see them and experience our time together. Because we addicts, there is an entirely different mental game that goes on in our heads. As you casually sip your wine, we can taste it in the back of our mouths. Which then leads to wanting a sip, and then the mind bounces through thoughts. And that desire for a drink is all encompassing, it feels like we are drowning. And you continue on talking as we pull out our plethora of tools; breathing techniques, counting, focusing on something other than each sip you take or how you hold your glass in your hand and so we look at your hair and we try to change the subject. And if the mental game becomes too much we excuse ourselves to the bathroom. That is where I can be found doing downward dog, right there next to your bathtub. I reconnect with my breath, I make the commitment to myself to be sober another hour, another night, another day. Once I feel steady, I return to the party. 

These moments have happened less and less for me this year. But then another mental game begins to play out, I start thinking maybe I don't really have a drinking problem. Am I really an alcoholic? Maybe I can control it and just have a glass of wine every now and then. But I know this story is the same story so many addicts have lived through before me. I remind myself of the blackouts, the mornings trying to feed my kids breakfast while fighting the nausea of a hangover, the dinner parties and conversations that I don't even remember. I know by listening to other addicts that have been sober for years more than me, thinking you have control over this addiction is a false sense of security. Because we don't have control! 

Each year that passes I feel stronger. I feel more in tune with my purpose and I feel less shame about being an alcoholic. It's a label that I can wear proudly because I am sober. And I feel so much better in my spirit and in my body than I ever did after a bottle of Chardonnay.

Show me the hardest pose you can do!

I often get asked by my YogaKids (and sometimes by bold adults) to show and tell the hardest yoga pose that I can do. I could easily choose from a variety of arm balances that took me a long time to learn. Poses that resulted in many falls on my yoga mat. Fallls that had the real lesson of breaking down my ego so that I could learn how to safely and effectively hold the pose for several breaths.

I have had an advanced yoga practice for many years. I artistically have built Bakasana (Crow Pose), Eka Pada Koundinyasa and chin stand into my daily Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) home practice. Yet the pose that continues to be hard, even after praciticing yoga for fifteen years, is sitting in Half Lotus Pose for 15 minutes as a part of my daily meditation practice.

It's not the most awe inspiring pose to look at but I encourage you to try it. This week make the commitment to sit in Half Lotus or Easy Cross Legged Pose for five minutes everyday. Once the week is over try adding two additional minutes, building up to a 10-15 minute meditation practice. It will put your vinyasa flow practice into perspective and allow you a greater sense of calm in both your mind and body.