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What brings you JOY?

I feel so much joy within my soul by looking down at a new nail color on my fingertips. It may seem silly or trivial to some but I take pride in them being well manicured and looking their best. I appreciate having nail polish on my nails because it's a reminder of the time that I spent devoted to myself, some may call it pampering. I call it devotion.

This time of devotion is not to be misunderstood as "me time" or time away from the family, it's not the time spent at the gym to be healthy or time spent at a yoga workshop gaining inspiration and knowledge. This time of devotion to self, stands on it's own and only benefits me. When my health coaching clients seem as though they are at the bottom of their well and grasping desperately for self care because they give of themselves in every aspect of their lives, I tell them to make a list of what I call their Personal Nourishment Menu. To list out items that are only for you and that you enjoy. After making the list, ask yourself "does anyone else benefit from this?" If the immediate answer in your mind is yes, then cross it off and start again. Go deeper. Find the thing that is for you.

If we imagine a still pond in our minds and you pick up a rock and you throw it into the pond, where the rock hits the water symbolizes you. Each ripple out symbolizes your family and friends, the ones closest to you and the ones further away emotionally and spiritually. Now of course for arguments sake someone will ultimately benefit from your Personal Nourishment Menu items, I'm not denying that. When I paint my nails the company that makes the nail polish, the nail files and the fingernail paint remover all benefit financially from me using their products. But they aren't the people who I am giving of my time and energy. I'm not painting my nails for my family or my yoga students. It doesn't make me a better mom or more capable of my job or enhance my abilities in any way. It's an activity that is only for me and one in which I get great joy from.

So what would be on your Personal Nourishment Menu? What activity brings you joy?
Try creating a list of five things that nourish your soul and fill your well, that way you can go out into the world and be of service. Allow yourself to give from a place of abundance rather than from the very bottom of your well. I'd love to hear your Personal Nourishment Menu! 

Surround Yourself with Positive People

What are the chances of everyone doing exactly what they should do or the way in which you think they should do it everyday?
How much of your day is spent worrying about your kids, your job or what your high school boyfriend posts on Facebook?

So much of our time is focused in on things that don't matter or that we don't have any control over. What we can control is our own happiness and our reaction to any given situation.
What if, this week, you chose to surround yourself with positive people? How do you think that would influence your life? And I'm not talking about fake, smiling, happy people. I'm talking about people who admit failure, who are authentic but can see that even during hard times there is something to learn. And most often that thing that we ourselves. We tune in and we learn who we are when we are tapped into our Divine Consciousness.

We need to let go of perfection and embrace one thing at a time. Multi-tasking has been proven to not actually be successful. And instead when we focus in on one thing at a time, we see results.
So today what are you going to focus on, in order to be successful in your life?

With my health coaching clients I give them a vast array of things to do and try with eating and drinking and moving. And when each thing becomes a new habit in their life and they no longer have to think much about it, it works. They lose weight and they feel better in their body. But the way it works is by focusing on themselves, to learn where the mind goes when tempted by a cupcake in the lunge at work. Is that stress? Is that unhappiness?
The same thing applies to friends or our social media newsfeed. Do those people bring out the best in us, or do they make us feel bad about ourselves and so we turn to sugar or alcohol to numb those feelings.
When we surround ourselves with people that are positive, when our social media newsfeed is about positivity and the good things happening in the world we can then see the good in ourselves. We can feel it in our body and in our soul. And our choices regarding our food and health reflect that.    

The Total Body Transformation- Small Group Health Coaching

  • Uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body your want.
  • Develop a powerful vision for your body transformation and what it will mean in your life.
  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your energy down and what to do about it.
  • Get crystal clear on a step by step plan to create a Body Transformation in 8 sessions.
This small group coaching takes place at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio every other Monday night at 7:45pm with Gretchen Schock.
Gretchen is a certified Health and Life Coach and is invested in empowering people to make simple life changes to feel better in their own bodies. Allowing your clothes to fit better and to have more energy to be the best version of yourself on a daily basis.
8 sessions: Sept 11 & 25, Oct 9 & 23, Nov 6 & 20, Dec 4 & 18.
If you can not make one of the sessions there will be one makeup date arranged after the session for students who have missed.
Invest in your health and happiness for $160, members price $136.
Each participate receives a gift bag packed with goodies and the tools you will need to complete the course. 
Sign Up today- space is limited!

August Drawing- HYDRATE Prize

Another opportunity to win FREE stuff! Simply post on Facebook something that either you intend to do to stay healthy or celebrate a healthy accomplishment with your friends and use the hashtag #beeyogafusion to be entered to win this great prize.
Enter to win as many times as you'd like!

Here are ideas to inspire you:
*I just walked 2 miles!! #Beeyogafusion
*I'm going sugar free for 1 week! Who wants to do it with me? #beeyogafusion
*Who knew almonds tasted so good!?!?! #beeyogafusion

July Drawing- WIN FREE STUFF!!!

July Drawing- Purchase a 10-class pass or membership within the month of July 2017 to win a #BeeYogaFusion gray t-shirt and a pair of leggings (color varies by size). 
(Current members are already included in the drawing.) 

Bee Yoga Fusion Supports Local Community

Bee Yoga Fusion has adopted a highway in our community of Greenbelt, MD. Edmonston Road between Cherry Wood Lane and Sunnyside Ave. Four times a year a group of volunteers will spend a few hours picking up trash from the side of the road. This is Karma Yoga at work and I am so delighted to share this experience with all of you. Thank you for helping me keep our community litter-free!

Bee Yoga Fusion is delighted to sponsor our local Greenbelt Farmer's Market. Open Sundays May 14th-Nov. 19th.

Bee Yoga Fusion is a proud sponsor of the Greenbelt Nursery School Tortoise and the Hare 5K run.

Each year Bee Yoga Fusion sponsors Rafael's Race 5K, this is a race that is close to Gretchen's heart and she would love to see you running along side her this year. Register here!

Please contact Gretchen directly if your organization would like to have partnership with Bee Yoga Fusion that is in line with our principles of health and wellness.

Eat Vegetarian - For a day!

I know that change can be hard. Change can also be scary, the unfamiliar terrain leaves you feeling hopeless or on edge. But the way that we can expand our consciousness and go further into our yoga practice is to change, to shift, to see things from a different perspective. So for one day during this 30 day yoga challenge I'm asking that you eat vegetarian or vegan.

Just one day.

Some might assume I have this block on the BINGO card because I am a vegetarian and some how want to convert you to my way of eating. That's actually so far from the truth. I eat meat. I enjoy eating meat. I tried being a vegetarian for many, many years and it didn't work for my body. That being said it does work for a lot of people.

I want you to get in touch with your food. To think beyond your normal and experience it in a different, new way. And also to expand your consciousness of what a meal could look like, the meal doesn't have to have meat in order for you to consume a protein. There are some really great alternatives that are plant based proteins that you could try every once in a while.

Here is a very tasty recipe that is also super simple and easy to get on the table for dinner on a weeknight. This recipe serves 3-4 people. (I've included links for ease, I do not get anything from you purchasing it from Amazon.) 

Ramon Noodles, 1 pack per person. 
Path of Life All Natural Garbanzos and Lentils, 10 oz (Frozen) 
1 cup fresh broccoli, chopped
Shelled Edamame frozen bag
Extra Firm Tofu
small bunch of cilantro, chopped

Begin by cutting the tofu in half, we will only use half of the block. Cut the tofu into small 1/2 inch cubes. Place the tofu, half of the edamame bag and the chopped broccoli in a skillet with oil to saute, stir occasionally and then cover. It won't take long for these items to be done so stay nearby. Once the tofu is slightly browned add the cilantro and the Path of Life frozen packet to the skillet, stir and cover. If you'd like to add additional spices now would be the time. The Path of Life packet is seasoned but I personally added pepper and onion powder, just because.  

Boil water to cook the ramon noodles. We are only going to use the noddles so go ahead and throw that spice packet that it comes with in the trash. Cook the noodles until they are soft to taste. Drain but leave a small amount of hot water in the pot so that it looks more like a soup.

Scoop out noodles and place in the bowls, pour some of the hot water into each bowl. Scoop out the veggies from the skillet and place directly on top of the noodles in each bowl.
Dinner is served!

30 day Yoga Challenge!

Are you ready to experience a fun game with fellow yogis at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio and possibly win prizes???

Join me and other yogis as we celebrate our commitment to healthier living and win GREAT PRIZES! 

Sign up to complete the Bee Yoga Fusion 30 day Yoga Challenge, it's super simple to participate. This challenge is for everyone. You do not have to have an advanced yoga practice and it doesn't mean that you have to do yoga everyday. This is an all-levels challenge. The rules are easy to follow and by the end of the month you might have picked up a new healthy habit.

Click on the BINGO card and print it out or pick one up at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio. Complete the squares and when finished cross out the box in any order that you'd like. 

Everyone who completes the challenge 
(regardless of getting a BINGO) 
will receive a prize!

BINGO Prize Categories & Prizes: 

One winner randomly selected per category. Based on the honor system, please do not cheat! Every square must be completed during the month of May 2017. 
  • Complete Entire Card: Private 30-minute health coaching session with Gretchen, $25 gift certificate to New Deal Cafe, $25 gift certificate to the Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket, 50-minute session with Licensed Psychologist Dr. Christine Chianese, Manduka yoga mat, Membership to the Greenbelt Theatre, gift from Proteus Bicycles and a BYF t-shirt. (over $400 value, one winner)
  • Make a X: Free BYF yoga class, gift from Hope Honey Farm, yoga strap, aromatherapy spray and BYF t-shirt. ($100 value, two winners)
  • Make a T: Free BYF yoga class, gift from Wardrobe Oxygen, yoga strap, aromatherapy spray and BYF t-shirt. ($100 value, two winners)
  • Straight line or Diagonal: BYF t-shirt and aromatherapy spray. ($20 value, two winners)

Return your completed card (regardless of getting a BINGO) to Gretchen by 6/1/17 to receive a prize for participating. 

If you have any questions please email
Thank you to the many companies who have donated items to the 30 day Yoga Challenge:

Renee Cooper Massage Therapist