Slow Flow at a NEW time!

Slow Flow now takes place on Sundays at 9 am! 

This yoga class beats to a slower restorative rhythm, allowing you the opportunity to go deeper into your yoga practice. We hold poses for longer throughout the slow vinyasa flow with lots of forward folds and hip openers. Creating space within our bodies and minds by combining the breath with stretching in the fullest expression of each pose.  
Open to all students, including beginners. If you are new to yoga, have injuries or would like to compliment your rigorous running/triathlon training with deeper stretching and a focus on flexibility- this class will be perfect for you!

Bring a yoga mat and leave feeling renewed in your spirit.
60 minutes. (PS- “Slow” is for everyone. Go-slow to go deep, family!)

Feet Together or Apart in Mountain Pose?

Almost weekly I get asked if whether the feet should be apart or together in Tadasana.

Standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) your feet can be hip widths distance apart or big toes touching with an inch or two between the heels. Don't get too obsessed with the "correct" position and instead focus on what feels right in your body. If having your feet together causes you pain then please separate the feet so that they are parallel to each other and no wider than hip widths distance.

As you stand in Mountain Pose, focus on grounding through your entire feet. Drop the shoulders down, chin should be parallel to the floor, belly drawn in and breathe. Release the mind and let go.

When one of us falls, we need to lift her back up.

Unfortunately, one of our fellow yogis has fallen ill. And I'm asking for your help.

Celeste has been studying yoga with me since I started teaching. She is an avid paddle boarder and GHI resident. I'm sure you have seen her driving by with a handcrafted wooden board atop her car throughout our city streets. You might have laid your mat down next to her during the Community (donation) class at the church or chatted with her while in line at the Co-op grocery store.

It has just recently come to my attention that Celeste was ill. I had assumed that she wasn't coming to the Monday night class because she was on her board and we would all see her again when the weather turned cold. I invited her to the craft night at the yoga studio and that was when I learned, from her sister, about what happened. The unknowing illness that took a turn for the worse and caused Celeste to be in a coma and then to wake up and slowly have to learn how to walk again.

I hope that together as a community we can offer Celeste the support that she needs as she heals.  

I know that we are often asked to donate money to various charities. I have my personal list of charities that I support each year, just like you. And then there are these moments…moments when you offer a helping hand because if (God forbid) something like this would ever happen to you, you pray that your community will rally around you and support you as well.

Once Celeste is released from the rehabilitation hospital she will be in need of at home nursing care until she is fully recovered, this service is not covered by insurance.  

Please find it in your heart to help Celeste.
Here is a link to the website where you can make a donation.