Bee Yoga Fusion Logo in Stained Glass: Artwork at the Yoga Studio

I am so excited to feature some very talented artists at the Bee Yoga Fusion yoga studio. You might have noticed the beautiful prints as you hung your jacket on a hook or this stunning custom stained glass window that hangs above the front door. If you haven't please stop and enjoy a few deep breaths while looking at the new art work. 

This beautiful stained glass window was lovingly made by my mother, Jackie Schoch- Grammy's Glass Garden. She's been creating stained glass windows for over twenty years. She does remarkable work and is happy to make a custom stained glass window for you or a stepping stone for your garden. 

Please check out her Etsy page where you can find affordable artwork for your home, garden or office. Or see some examples of her work on Grammy's Glass Garden's Facebook page. 

Back Strengthening Yoga Poses

I see a lot of students who come to yoga after a back injury. And once they are fully recovered I like to suggest some poses to do at home as a back maintenance practice. Once we injure a part of our body we are then more prone to injure it again.

Pyramid pose is a great back strengthening pose along with a wonderful stretch for your hamstrings.

Begin by standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) step your left foot back about 2-3 feet. Be sure that all of your toes are facing the top of your mat and that your feet are in different tracks, think skiing…like having your feet in skis. Square your hips with your mat, with your left foot back you'll want your right hip to pull back as your left hip comes forward so that both hips are in the same plane.

Now taking a deep breath in and on the exhale begin by folding forward from the hips with a flat back. Pause when you reach the point when your shoulders are in line with the hips. You'll feel it in the hamstrings! Check back in with the hips, are they still squared? Adjust as needed. Take your arms by your sides and draw the shoulders back. Now breathe. Hold in this position for 5 breaths and then come back to standing upright, step your left foot up to meet your right so that you are back into Tadasana pose. And then do the other side.

When you are holding the flat back tune into your breath. Try to elongate the breath to a 4 count on the inhale and exhale while drawing the lower belly in and being aware of the hips and shoulders.
Let me know how you do on the Facebook page. 

Spreading Holiday Cheer

I share custody of my kids which means there are some Christmas mornings in which I do not have my children. In previous years, I'll be honest, I would be very depressed all day long. Some times never even getting out of bed. Last year when I didn't have my kids for Christmas I decided that I was going to do something different and try to avoid the depression. So I volunteered on Christmas day at Saint Elizabeth's hospital in Washington DC. I played games, did lots of crafts and shared a meal with some wonderful people. While doing craft projects several of the patients casually mentioned that they do not receive Christmas cards. This really struck a chord with me because I absolutely love Christmas cards! When I spoke with the volunteer coordinator about it she said that often times the patients have "burned bridges" with family members because of their mental illness or that they have been institutionalized for so long that they have been forgotten. I knew that together with my yoga community we could make a difference in these people's lives- and we did just that!

For the month of November there was box of handmade holiday cards at the studio and at the end of each class I asked you to express yourself the way you would to a friend. Together we shared the holiday spirit with 269 people, people who truly appreciated your kindness.
I want to thank each of you for filling out holiday cards to patients at St Elizabeth's hospital.  Thank you-Thank you from the bottom of my heart!