Types of Classes

Vinyasa Flow:
Build stamina and strength while moving through a series of yoga postures in a dance-like flow, encouraging your body to surrender into the stretch and become more flexible. Vinyasa Flow yoga classes are a step down in intensity from Power Vinyasa Flow.
Open to all students, including beginners. Bring a yoga mat and leave your problems at the door. 60 minutes.
Power Vinyasa Flow:
Have the opportunity to explore your personal edge in Power Vinyasa Flow. These classes will strengthen and stretch your body while doing a vigorous sequence of flowing yoga postures at a fast tempo. Challenge yourself to reach beyond the edges of your mind and your mat!
Open to all students, beginners should take a level 1 class first. Bring a yoga mat and an open mind. 60 minutes. (PS- You will sweat!)
Slow Flow Yoga:
This yoga class beats to a slower restorative rhythm, allowing you the opportunity to go deeper into your yoga practice. Holding poses for longer throughout the slow vinyasa flow with lots of forward folds and hip openers. Creating space within our bodies and minds by combining the breath with stretching in the fullest expression of each pose. 
Open to all students, including beginners. If you are new to yoga, have injuries or would like to compliment your rigorous running/triathlon training with deeper stretching and a focus on flexibility- this class will be perfect for you!
Bring a yoga mat and leave feeling renewed in your spirit.
60 minutes. (PS- “Slow” is for everyone. Go-slow to go deep, family!)
Vinyasa Flow Level 1:
The perfect yoga class for beginning students, or seasoned yogis looking to explore the subtle alignment details in basic yoga postures and simple sequences. In this class we will take our time, breaking down each yoga posture in a workshop format to build a strong foundation for your yoga practice.
Open to all students, including beginners. Bring a yoga mat and your yoga questions. 60 minutes.
Community Donation Yoga: A donation is the sacred act of giving, give what you are able and enjoy the vinyasa flow yoga class. Suggested donation is $10. Class cards are accepted. Every other month a portion of the donations collected will be given to a local charity.

Experience Yoga that comes to YOU! 
How it works:
You provide the space; Gretchen Schock will come to your office, school, daycare or community center at the arranged date and time of the class. We will provide you with all the necessary tools you will need to promote the class; description, fliers and online sign up with secure payment.

Gather your community- let’s do yoga!

Bee Yoga Fusion Mobile Yoga Classes:
  • Each session runs for 8 weeks.
  • Classes are 60 minutes.
  • Minimum of 5 students enrolled in the class.
  • Price is $15 per person, within a five-mile radius of Greenbelt, MD. Please contact Gretchen for prices in other areas.
  • Each student must purchase an 8-Class Card. If student must miss a class their card can be used at the Bee Yoga Fusion Studio.
Gretchen teaches classes all over Prince Georges County, Maryland for groups of all sizes and agesIf you would like private lessons in your home for adults or children please email Gretchen@BeeYogaFusion.com