Types of Classes

Vinyasa All-Levels Flow:

Build stamina and strength while moving through a series of yoga postures in a dance-like flow, encouraging your body to surrender into the stretch and become more flexible.
Open to all students, beginners should take a level 1 class first. Bring a yoga mat and leave your problems at the door. 60 minutes. Click here to reserve.

Yoga Primary:

This class focuses on the primary foundation of a vinyasa practice, Surya Namaskar A & B (Sun Salutation). The format of the class is exactly the same each week. Allowing the students the opportunity for growth by adding more challenging poses based on their skill level. Time will be set aside each class for a student choice segment which allows students to workshop individual postures, asking questions of the instructor and receiving personalized feedback.
Open to all students, including beginners. Pre-requisite of this class is the ability to comfortably do the Sun Salutation. 60 minutes. Click here to reserve.

Yoga Basics:

The perfect yoga class for beginning students, or seasoned yogis looking to explore the subtle alignment details in basic yoga postures and simple sequences. In this class we will take our time, breaking down each yoga posture in a workshop format to build a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Each class will focus on different yoga poses to build your personal understanding of the postures.
Open to all students, including beginners. Bring a yoga mat and your yoga questions. 60 minutes. 
Click here to reserve.

Pilates Fusion:

A beautiful fusion of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates to improve breathing, balance and core strength. Start your day feeling longer, stronger and more centered. Open to all students, including beginners. Pregnant students should avoid this class due to the focus on core. Bring a yoga mat and leave your problems at the door. 50 minutes. Click here to reserve.

Barre Fusion:

Enjoy a mind-body connection in this low impact class that fuses elements of ballet and pilates. Students perform classical ballet barre exercises in the center of the room (without an actual barre) allowing you to strengthen your body and increase flexibility through micro movements.
Friendly, encouraging, and accessible format.  
No dance experience is necessary.
Open to all students, including beginners. Wear clothes that you can move freely in and bare feet. 


This is a featured special class to delve deeper into your yoga practice or to introduce you to yoga and how it can compliment your fitness routine. Each workshop will focus on a different topic. Class passes will not be accepted. Bring a yoga mat and your thirst for knowledge.  

Experience Personalized Yoga and Life Coaching! 

Private Yoga Session and Life Coaching:

Want to delve deeper into your yoga practice? Or work one-on-one with Gretchen to focus on your individual goals in your life or bring your awareness to the things that are holding you back from living your best version of life? 

Gretchen Schock works one-on-one with clients for a private yoga session and life coaching at the Bee Yoga Fusion studio. 
Private yoga sessions are for everyone; whether you are recovering from an injury, are pregnant, would like to have a custom workout made just for you to do at home or wanting to learn advance yoga postures. Life Coaching sessions focus on meeting attainable goals in your life. Learning to let go of the voice of negativity and focus on bringing joy into each day. Each session is customized for you. Contact Gretchen to schedule a private session or make a reservation from the open hours available under "Private Yoga & Life Coaching" when you click on the "Schedule tab".
A private session also makes a great gift! Contact Gretchen if you are interested in buying this for a loved one.