Yoga Poses to Avoid Doing With Kids

Children are extremely flexible, they never really have to worry about being warmed up before practicing yoga. You don't hear children complaining that their hamstrings are tight or that they have lower back pain. You might have stood amazed after seeing your child effortlessly get into a yoga pose that you've been struggling with for weeks. Though kids are extremely flexible they haven't developed body awareness, that is what we work on in Bee Yoga Fusion Kids yoga classes. Learning how to move their bodies through space, safely.

Most kids will try any yoga pose that you show them, they haven't developed the voice of fear which resides in our adult minds that often keep us from taking flight in poses like Bakasana.

The only poses that I avoid doing with kids are headstands because most children do not have a strong sense of body awareness. They also don't know how to internally identify what muscles to use when in a pose so I refuse to put them upside down on their precious necks. Other yoga teachers might disagree with me, but until the child has an understanding and maturity about their yoga practice I don't feel that it is safe to put them in headstands.

You may practice yoga with your child at home and headstand very well may be a part of your home yoga practice but I would strongly discourage you from having your child participate in a headstand until they have a very strong personal yoga practice. A practice that involves understanding the stillness in standing poses and the connection with their breath. Yes, your child may drop down on their head and try to imitate you. They may be curious about trying it and instead of encouraging them in a headstand offer them a different pose to try. You will be amazed how many kids can easily get into Bakasana or Eight-Angle Pose.

Headstands are fun and very invigorating but please play is safe when it comes to the wee-ones necks.