Yoga Outside

The most glorious hour of my day is during the yoga class that I teach on Sunday mornings. The class takes place in a grassy area, tucked right off of a side street. The view is not of a Shiva or Ganesha statue and the music is not prerecorded. The trees are where our eyes find focus in the balancing poses. The breeze is fresh and cool on our cheeks. Listening to the birds sing their songs as you sit in a meditation practice is a reminder to be present in every moment of your life. Hearing the sounds of the neighbors getting up and starting their morning as we stand strong in our Warrior One Poses is awakening, not just in our bodies but in our spirits. To have this hour on a Sunday is like a secret gift. The world hasn't quite gotten up and yes we too could be sleeping in and cuddled in bed but then we would miss this spectacular hour.

There have been days when I sat on my mat in a half lotus position as the students enjoyed the peaceful Savasana, I fluttered my eyes open and there on my knee would be a beautiful butterfly spreading it's wings in the sunshine. That moment is God's gift to me. For opening my heart and teaching these wonderful students yoga from a place of pure love.

I encourage you to set your alarm on Sunday morning to either come to my 8am Slow Flow in the Park yoga class or pull your mat outside in your yard and breath life into the poses, awaken your spirit to the beautiful moment of being present and aware of the world around you.
Namaste Family!