Yoga Pranayama - Breath of Joy

One of my favorite pranayama techniques is called the Breath of Joy. I love to do this pranayama on days when my energy is low and I feel like I need an extra shot of espresso. It's perfect for doing it first thing in the morning, bringing oxygen to your brain and waking up the body. My wee-yogis are really great at it as well and it's perfect for them to do before having to focus their minds on a hard task at school. Click on the video to watch them in action.

To perform Breath of Joy stand with your feet hips width distance apart and bend your knees slightly. You are going to take three inhales and one exhale all through your nose. On the first inhale reach your arms over your head, the second inhale take your arms out to the side and then on the third inhale lift your arms up over your head again. On the giant exhale fold over the front of your body keeping the bends in your knees. Then immediately begin again taking your first inhale with your arms reaching over your head. Try doing 5 rounds and then resting in your final forward fold.

Instead of reaching for the second cup of coffee try doing Breath of Joy!