How can you teach kids to calm down?

Teaching kids to calm down and tune into their breath is pretty easy IF you give them an activity. It is hard for most kids to sit in half lotus and tune into their breath as adults would in a yoga class. They haven't had the life experience yet on how to sit and just be in the moment.

Children are oftentimes moving and shifting and changing into different thoughts and emotions. Teaching kids to use their breath to calm down is a wonderful tool to help them manage and navigate difficult situations both emotionally and physically. For example: not being chosen first to be on a team or crossing the monkey bars without falling to the ground, are both huge obstacles for children.

This is a fun game that I do with my yoga kids to allow them to slow down and tune into their breath. Each child is given a small craft pom-pom ball and a plastic straw. I use painters tape on the floor to create different tracks for the children to blow the ball with the straw down the track, being sure to keep the ball within the two lines of tape. If the ball goes over the line they have to use their breath to get it back on course. Try this game at home with your kids and if you are local, be sure to sign your child up for my Bee Yoga Fusion After-School Yoga Class at Greenbelt Elementary in the Fall of 2014.