Do your wrists ache? Try this yoga pose!

Several of my corporate clients complain of their wrists aching after hours spent in front of the computer. Here is a wonderful stretch that you can do right now at work. It stretches the forearms and the wrists and is a great exercise to do daily if you suffer from carpel tunnel. 

You will begin this pose in Virabhadrasana One (Warrior One)
Stand with your feet about two and a half feet apart from each other, with the back foot create a slight angle yet the front foot remains forward. Now add a bend to the front leg being sure to not let the knee go past the toes. The back leg should remain straight. Take your focus to your hips and try to square the hip bones forward. For example if your left leg is forward you will want to draw the left hip back while the right hip comes forward. 

Now let's add the arms. Extend the arms out in front of you, palms facing each other. Drop the shoulders down. Draw the thumbs into the palms and wrap the rest of the fingers around the thumbs. Slowly tilt the thumbs away from you and breathe. Hold this pose for 5 breaths on each leg.
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