Living Truth

Living in our truth means that we are living authentically, the way in which we present ourselves to the world is inline with our greater purpose and we are living a life that we are proud of. The way in which you conduct yourself at work, at home with your friends or is all in alignment with the version of yourself that you want to present to the world?
Do you portray yourself as the same exact person in every situation? Are you the same person that picks your son up from daycare and the woman who greeted customers on the showroom floor?
Or does it feel like you are playing different characters in the same play? Are you adapting yourself in every environment to make room for everyone else? Do you feel like a chameleon, constantly changing for the people who are surrounding you? Are you living your truth or are you pretending to be someone that you aren't?

*This is an excerpt from the book that I am currently writing which explores how yoga principles can put you in line with your greater purpose.