Relaxing or Dynamic- How do you Forward Fold?

Forward Fold (Uttanasana) is a pose that we do repeatedly in a Vinyasa class and yet it's often not given it's proper attention. Forward folds can be healing in your soul and a relaxing pose. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I can often be found in a forward fold with my eyes closed in order to tune back into my breath and my purpose.

In the first few rounds of your Surya Namaskar use your hands to grab your legs and pull your chest into your legs on the exhale in the fullest expression of the pose. Around your 4th forward fold change the dynamic of the pose by drawing your belly in and only using your core muscles to pull the chest into your thighs.

Forward folds can be a surrender and also an invigorating pose depending on how you engage your body. Switch up your practice and let your body take a different dynamic in your forward fold. Snap a selfie of you in a forward fold and use the hashtag #beeyogafusion
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