How to Teach Kids to Cooperate with Each Other

Learning how to cooperate with others is a lifelong journey, let's be honest! Adults often practice cooperation at work during a group project but for children it's best to practice it in a fun environment. At times it can become frustrating but often times it's really an eye opening experience. When you slow down and tune into your partner great things can happen.

During my kids yoga classes I have the kids join hands in a circle standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and then I put a hula hoop between two children's arms. The goal is to get the hoop spinning in a circle. The children need to talk to each other, listen to each other's ideas on how to make the hoop twirl and then work together to sustain it.

It's a wonderful exercise to teach kids how to cooperate. What would happen if you brought a hula hoop to your next staff meeting?