"Be Still!", Parents give this a try!

It's hard for children to understand the need for stillness in the yoga poses, often times when they come to a yoga class they just want to move…a lot!  
A way in which I have found to teach children how to become still in a pose is to place small rubber ducks on their body. It works great in Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Two). With their arms outstretched and their bodies in the fullest expression of the pose I have their classmates gently place small rubber ducks along their arms, legs, feet and head. The child in Warrior Two can visually see the effects of balancing the ducks and the importance of remaining very, very still. Often times the children stop talking and I can see them focusing on their breath while trying to remain in the pose and while trying to place the duck on their classmate. 

Try it with your family tonight. Choose lightweight toys and see if you can balance them along your arms while standing in Warrior Two. I'd love to see pictures, use the hashtag #BeeYogaFusion.