Legos in Kids Yoga Class? YES!

 I believe that the children in my yoga classes are not all physical learners. Physical learners see you do the pose and can easily replicate it. But other kids need to visualize the pose, to see it on paper in order for their mind to understand what their body should do. And then there are the hands on learners, kids who need to build with their hands to understand the pose both in their minds and in their bodies.

In the kids yoga classes that I teach I often combine all three of these types of learners, and it's easy to do. First I teach the pose physically, we talk about the pose, the kids ask questions and we share what the pose feels like in our bodies.
Then we look at the pose using the picture cards that I created. And finally I dump a huge pile of lego bricks of various shapes and sizes in the middle of the room and I ask the children to make the pose out of legos. It's incredible to see their minds at work creating yoga poses out of Legos.

Try it with your children tonight. First chose a pose to do, talk about it, google the pose and look at pictures of the pose online, do the pose together and then finally build it out of legos.

You might discover what type of learner you are verses what type of learner your child is. Thinking into the future, how can you help your child with homework now that you know what type of learner that they are? Could you present it differently? Maybe use your bodies to act out a math problem or build spelling words out of playdoh.
Keep an open mind and try to look at the situation from a different perspective. ENJOY!