Strengthen Your Core- Quick & Easy!

We could all use more core strength- let's be honest! We know we need to strengthen our cores not to have a six pack stomach but to have better posture and to be able to hold our yoga poses longer. We know this but the idea of doing crunches has us reaching for another piece of chocolate.

Put down the snack and instead try a 30 second forearm plank. Come down onto the ground and place your elbows right under your shoulders, tuck your toes under and lift your body off of the ground. Think of drawing the belly button into your spine and fully engage the legs as you look directly down onto your mat between your two hands. Focus on your breath, breathing in and out at a steady rhythm.
30 seconds, that's it. Quick and easy! You will feel and notice the benefits within a few days. Go ahead try it right now. Gather your friends at work and start a forearm plank challenge, 30 days for 30 seconds!