Where Should my Feet be in Downward Dog?

Q: Where should my feet be in downward dog? Together? Apart? I've seen it done different ways.

A: I love downward dog. When I'm feeling stressed or just need to get out of my head for a bit I will drop into a downward dog any ol' place. I don't care if I'm in my kitchen or outside of the school waiting to pick up my kids. With a few deep breaths in downward dog I feel like a brand new person ready to face whatever lays ahead.
As for your question…the feet. I too have seen it done both ways. I have always been taught to have the feet hip-width distance apart. When your feet are together you can't fully rotate the inner thighs back or extend in the hamstrings. So my advice would be to have the feet hip width distance apart, in line with your pelvis and trying to get the heels to touch the mat.
Thanks for asking!
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