Stretch Your Face!

We talk a lot about stretching your body and the importance of flexibility and strength based exercises. But we hardly ever talk about the face and how important it is to stretch. Singers and stage performers can be found backstage before a show making similar faces as seen here in one of the Bee Yoga Fusion YogaKids.

Stretching the lips and strengthening the eyes is important for performances; not just on a stage but in front of your staff at work, giving a presentation, speaking at church or giving a speech to your community group.

Give it a try the next time you have a presentation to give. Sneak into a bathroom and stretch out your lips as shown, Try to look at the tip of your nose to strengthen your eye muscles. Then stick out your tongue and exhale, do this at least three times.

You might notice that you feel calmer going into the presentation and trip over your words less often.
Good luck!