Seeking Your Truth

I pull off my socks and step onto my yoga mat. Wiggling my toes and pressing them into the spongy rubber as I come into Tadasana at the top of my mat. I move through several Surya Namaskars before shedding my outer layer, a dramatic wrap style cardigan with a big button at the collarbone. 

My body is moving through the postures with a little bit more ease. Shoulders and hips have made their routine popping sounds and now every pose feels juicy and good in my body. 

With each inhale I come closer to my truth. With each exhale I try to let go of the internal struggles. The voice of fear appears as I try to do a Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand) in the middle of the room. I fall, landing with a thud. Instantly I become frustrated and I force myself to stand in Tadasana with my eyes closed and breathe for several minutes before I begin the sequence all over again. 

Centering, flowing, shedding and coming face to face with your truth is why I love this practice of yoga. It is why I continue to show up and learn. To learn not just the shapes of the poses but to learn about myself, to better understand my truth and ultimately to try to be a better person out in the world.