Refocus on Your Intention

During the summer we often lose sight of our intention. In the beginning of the year we make goals for ourselves, diet or exercise, and then once the summer months are upon us and we lose sight of those goals. Picnic desserts and the coolness of ice cream on our tongues are so appealing. Are your kids are with you during the day and they are occupying all of your time that is has become nearly impossible to find any free time for yourself? The weather in Maryland becomes too hot to work out so we sit and we become complacent. happens to all of us. And instead of judging ourselves or condemning ourselves to a fasting diet. Take a few deep breaths and observe this feeling. Observe how the shame and blame feels in your body. Where are you forcing that energy? 

Instead of judging ourselves we are simply going to focus back in on our intention to our health. We are going to make it a priority. Enjoy the dessert at the picnic but be sure to make time everyday to be physical, complete five sun salutations or swim some laps at the pool. The point being that we need balance in our lives. We need to find a balance between enjoying life, allowing ourselves a break from the fast paced school year and also tuning in and honoring the goals that we created for ourselves.