Inversion Dos & Don'ts

Inversions force the blood flow in your body to reverse. It's like hitting Control-Alt-Delete and restarting your computer. More oxygen is provided to your brain which increases mental functioning and improves concentration.

So the next time you feel that 2pm. mental slump at the office, try getting upside down!

You don't have to lift into an handstand or headstand to get the benefits that being upside provides. Simply put your head below your heart. Which can be done in a forward fold or a wide legged fold as well as typical inversions (headstand and handstand).

Don't- do inversions right after eating. I don't think this needs an explanation.

Do- stay in your inversion for several breaths. You won't get the benefits of the pose if you lift into it and then immediately come back down. Use a wall or props to help you hold the pose for longer.

Do- let go of your ego and allow the pose to be what it is in your body right now.

Don't- force it. Take your time and breathe.

Do- stay safe. Remember that while in headstands you are putting weight into your neck. Start with a strong foundation and take your time.