12 Days of Christmas Yoga - Video!

The Bee Yoga Fusion students have truly enjoyed this Christmas yoga flow. Of course we started "on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...." but in the video I only show the countdown from 12 so that you can see all of the poses. I created the class for my level 1- beginner class but ended up doing it in the all-levels classes as well. All of my yoga students sang loud and proud!

The Twelve Days of Christmas for a level 1-beginner yoga class.
1- Tree Pose
2- Eagle Pose
3- Swan dive
4- Warrior 3
5- Goddess Pose
6- Humble warrior
7- Peaceful Warrior
8- Cow Face Pose
9- Dancer Pose
10- Standing Splits
11- High Lunge
12- Malasana/Yogi Squat