How Yoga Can Make You Happier

Oftentimes people come to a yoga class after an injury or to improve flexibility and balance. What they didn't expect upon rolling up their mat was that yoga would make them a happier person.
The secret is the breath. Tuning into your breath and becoming aware of every part of your body from your shoulders to your little baby toe forces you to live in the present moment.

You aren't worrying about your work projects that are due next week.
You aren't mulling over the conversation that you had with your spouse this morning which ended in hurt feelings.
You are breathing.
You are focusing on creating shapes in your body.
You are living in the present moment and that puts a smile on your face.

Go ahead- give yoga a try. I offer a beginner level 1 class on Thursday nights at 6:30pm where you can ask questions and learn how to move on your mat in a vinyasa class.
Join me.