Failure- I see you lurking in the corner!

Whether this is the first time you have attended a yoga class or the weekly yoga class that you have attended for the last five years, we've all fallen. Whether out of a balance pose, fallen on our face in an arm balance or simply lost our footing in a Warrior One. It is a part of learning. We fall and we get back up. We fail and then we try again.

If every great scientist gave up after failing we would never have any of the inventions that we have today. Inventions that we have all become dependent on; wi-fi, vaccines, smartphones!  We teach our children to get back up when they fall off their bikes or to try harder next time on the test, but what about adults? Shouldn't the same rules apply to us?

When we fall on our yoga mats; can we take the lesson of trying again, after falling, out into our real everyday lives? Let's try to let go of perfectionism and allow ourselves to develop our practice of living like we do in our yoga asana practice. We are consistently learning about ourselves, whether on the mat or out in the world.

Let's accept that failure is growth and learning.