Harness Your Internal Energy

Utthita Parsvakonasana- Extended Side Angle
This is a pose that we do very often in a vinyasa yoga practice and it's also the pose that I see a lot of laziness in. There I said it. Yes, we teachers know when you are getting lazy in your practice. When you start taking short cuts and create bad habits. Extended Side Angle, is one of "those poses". I've actually stopped my class mid-flow to breakdown this pose because the general population of the room was doing it without a thought or care. They were just going through the motions. 

We get like that in our lives, we go through the motions. Sometimes it's how we survive hard times, it's a coping mechanism. When we show up on our mats we need to leave all of that aside and breathe life into our bodies and the poses. We need to tap into our internal energy so that it can fuel us everywhere else in our lives. 

So the next time you are in Extended Side Angle think about pressing that back baby toe down into your mat and notice how the energy in your back leg changes. The arch lifts and the foot is suddenly engaged. Then try lifting the kneecap of the back leg, which causes the quad to lift and notice how the energy in your leg changes when the entire leg and foot are engaged. Then use the forearm resting on the thigh to open your chest a little more to the sky, while making sure that your shoulders remain dropped. See how our perspective changes when we stop going through the motions and we begin to really think about our bodies in this practice? When we stop letting outside crap get in our way we can do amazing things. Use your yoga practice to tap into your internal energy within your body, use it to fuel you, to lift you up, to live your life's true purpose.