30 seconds to Fabulous!

Holding forearm plank for 30 seconds builds core strength and is much easier on your lower back than doing traditional crunches or sit-ups.  Begin by laying on your belly and then positioning your elbows directing under your shoulders. Hands can be in fists or palms down on your mat. Tuck your toes under and lift your entire body off of the mat, hovering. Imagine that your front ribs are coming together like corset being tied in the front of your body. Draw your bellybutton in towards your spine. Continue to breathe as you hover and focus on your inhale and exhale, trying to maintain equal length and a steady rhythm. Relax for 30 seconds and then try holding forearm plank again for 30 seconds. 

If you practice this everyday you will notice a greater improvement in all of your yoga poses. 

Don't believe me? Try it!