Making Headstands Accessible for Everybody

When headstands aren't accessible because of a neck or spine injury try helping your yoga students into a restorative headstand using a wall and blocks. 

Stack several blocks up against a wall, if using four-inch blocks you will need 3 for each stack and if using three-inch blocks you will need 4 for each stack. Kneel down in front of the stacks, facing the wall, and place your head between the stacks so that the tops of your shoulders are on the blocks. Position your arms like you would in a Tripod Headstand. Tuck your toes under and take your bum to the sky similar to Downward Dog. All of your weight should be on the blocks and your head will not be touching the floor at all, slowly lift your legs up to the sky while leaning into the wall with your back. Some students may need help lifting the legs to the wall, simply hold one leg for the student and allow them to push that leg into your hands as they lift the other leg up to the wall. Stay here for several breaths and come down slowly one leg at a time when you feel ready.