Open Tight Hips

Whether you enjoy long rides on your bicycle or prefer to beat the pavement with your feet by running or if you simply sit at a desk all day, chances are your hips feel achy.

Here is a simple yoga stretch that opens the hips and stretches the hip flexor. 

Begin on your hands and knees and step your right foot forward, shimmy the left knee back so that you are not directly on top of the knee cap. The top of the foot on the back leg should be pressing into the mat. Be sure to keep the front knee directly over the ankle. Now turn the  front foot away from you at an angle (Don't get crazy with it! Just a slight angle is fine!) The front knee should travel in the same direction as the foot. Place the left hand on the mat or drop down onto your forearm as shown in the picture. Use the right hand to gently open up the thigh and allow yourself to roll over on to the side of the foot but be sure to keep the ankle engaged without collapsing. Stay here for several breaths. Be gentle with your body, don't force anything to happen. Breathe into the pose and focus on releasing and letting go.
Don't forget to do the other hip! :)