Taking the Leap!

It feels terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I'm honored that I am able to open this yoga studio to the community but terrified about taking the leap, things are the same and yet they are different. Classes are the same, the walls look the same and once all the students are in the space it will feel like home again. But right now the voice of fear is talking a little too loudly in my head. I know how to talk myself off the ledge and convince myself of my true worth. But still...leaping is scary.

I've vowed to myself to be authentic in my teachings. To offer up a piece of myself in each class that I teach, to give my students the knowledge that I have but also to place myself on the mat by their side. Not as a guru or on a pedestal status of a teacher. I am just like you, I am a student in this journey of life. And just like you, I get scared when faced with something new and different. But here I am standing on the edge and I'm going to leap and I hope that when I look to either side of me I will see the beautiful faces of my students and we will leap together, hand in hand.

Please come and enjoy a class at the new Bee Yoga Fusion location. 111 Centerway-2nd floor, above the Greenbelt Credit Union Bank and New Deal Cafe. The entrance door is right next to the ATM.