The Secret to Better Balance

What is the secret to better balance?
Want to know where you can buy the "magic pill"???

The secret is....
Add balance exercises into your daily life. No need to change clothes or roll our your yoga mat.

Try picking something up from the ground by going for it while doing Ardha Chandrasana (as pictured) or try and hold a Warrior 3 pose while you wait for your food to be heated in the microwave. The best way to practice balance is to do it throughout your day.

Balance is the first thing to go as we age, so think of practicing daily balance exercises like preventive wellness. It's like taking a multivitamin or wearing sunscreen. Once it becomes a part of your daily routine you'll notice that when you do roll out your yoga mat the balance postures in class are much easier to hold.

Join me on Friday June 17th for a special yoga worksop focused on BALANCE. 
Learn yoga poses to help you incorporate balance exercises into your daily life. 
This class is an all-levels class that everyone will enjoy.