Yoga is for Everybody!

I hear a lot of people say "I can't do yoga!" after we have the getting to know you- "what do you do for work" introductions. And oftentimes it's because they have a misconception of what yoga is with images in their minds of very skinny people putting themselves into pretzel shapes. 

Honestly, that is so far from what yoga is about. I believe that yoga is for everyone, for every body type, and for all ages. And the absolute best time to begin trying right now! You are in perfect shape as you are to start practicing yoga. 

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The yoga classes hold 12 students at one time in the Bee Yoga Fusion studio. Our instructors are able to offer modifications for those that need it and options to make the poses more challenging so that everyone in the room leaves feeling fulfilled with their physical practice. 

Yoga enables us to become present in our bodies for 60 minutes. To breathe life into places of our bodies and mind that have become stagnant. Allow this moment to be the season that you try something new or reconnect with yoga practice. Click here to see the full schedule of classes.