Surround Yourself with Positive People

What are the chances of everyone doing exactly what they should do or the way in which you think they should do it everyday?
How much of your day is spent worrying about your kids, your job or what your high school boyfriend posts on Facebook?

So much of our time is focused in on things that don't matter or that we don't have any control over. What we can control is our own happiness and our reaction to any given situation.
What if, this week, you chose to surround yourself with positive people? How do you think that would influence your life? And I'm not talking about fake, smiling, happy people. I'm talking about people who admit failure, who are authentic but can see that even during hard times there is something to learn. And most often that thing that we ourselves. We tune in and we learn who we are when we are tapped into our Divine Consciousness.

We need to let go of perfection and embrace one thing at a time. Multi-tasking has been proven to not actually be successful. And instead when we focus in on one thing at a time, we see results.
So today what are you going to focus on, in order to be successful in your life?

With my health coaching clients I give them a vast array of things to do and try with eating and drinking and moving. And when each thing becomes a new habit in their life and they no longer have to think much about it, it works. They lose weight and they feel better in their body. But the way it works is by focusing on themselves, to learn where the mind goes when tempted by a cupcake in the lunge at work. Is that stress? Is that unhappiness?
The same thing applies to friends or our social media newsfeed. Do those people bring out the best in us, or do they make us feel bad about ourselves and so we turn to sugar or alcohol to numb those feelings.
When we surround ourselves with people that are positive, when our social media newsfeed is about positivity and the good things happening in the world we can then see the good in ourselves. We can feel it in our body and in our soul. And our choices regarding our food and health reflect that.