Bee Healthy: Recipes from Bee Yoga Fusion

Meal planning can be hard. Whether you're single or a couple. As a wife and mother, I understand the challenge and that’s why I have created a bundle of recipes that are easy to make and are healthy!

The Bee Healthy recipe bundle includes 4 dinners and 1 dessert all for less than $5 a serving!

I know how hard it is to remain committed to your health goals and to resist the temptation of eating out when you are exhausted from your workday. I created these recipes for you! They are EASY and HEALTHY!
  • Perfect portions - each recipe has two- three servings which are great for a couple who is seeking variety or for a single person, have one serving for dinner and then lunch the next day.
  • Itemized grocery list - broken down into the common sections of the store so that even shopping for the ingredients is a breeze.
  • No half-used ingredients - these recipes coordinate with each other so that you are buying one item that you can use for two recipes.
  • Simple to make and will save you time!
Make all four recipes at one time to have the whole week done in a day or make them each day after work, either way, it makes eating healthy so EASY! 

Total cost $10, and you will be directly sent the pdf to save to your computer or print after payment.

March Vegetarian Collection includes:
Minestrone Soup
Mexican Pasta Salad
Thai Eggplant
Asian Vegetable Stir-fry
Vegan Rice Pudding

From my kitchen to yours, I hope you enjoy each recipe and I look forward to seeing you at Bee Yoga Fusion!