Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ Course

Create healthy habits for holistic living
in this online health and life coaching program with Gretchen Schock.

Are you running on empty?

Frustrated that your clothes are not fitting the same as they used to?

Are you struggling to make healthy habits stick even though you have the best intentions but feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information that is out there?

It is time to RESET! Let’s stop the food shaming and yo-yo dieting and learn how to eat more intuitively and live a more holistic and peaceful life.

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Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ is a self-paced online health and life coaching program that allows you to create healthy habits in your life while also becoming more in tune with who you want to be on a daily basis: The version of you that has the energy to live life fully present and feel healthy!

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having the life you want
  • Learn which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your energy down and what to do about it
  • Develop a powerful vision for your transformation and what it will mean in your life
  • Feel confident in your decision making, strong in your body, and empowered in your life choices
  • Get crystal clear on a step by step plan in 8 weeks


Gretchen sitting with a group of clients during a meeting

Become more in line with how you envision your life to be.

Here's How it Works...

The program takes 8 weeks to complete. But you can do this program at a pace that works for you. You will have lifetime access to the information in the program! So you'll never fall behind, and you can repeat the entire program or just parts of it whenever you'd like.

Included during the 8 weeks are virtual group coaching meetings each week of the course. We will have two live virtual Q & As on Zoom, you can come to one or both! You can submit your questions beforehand for me to answer during the meeting or ask them live.

You can do the program from anywhere! All of the information for the course is in one place which you can access from any device; phone, computer, or tablet. You will receive a schedule overview which is like a road map for the 8 weeks so that you know where we are going every step of the way.

Included in the Course:

  • Weekly motivation videos by me to guide you through the 8 modules
  • Movement videos that are focused on functional movement to help you feel stronger, and more focused within your body that you can do in the comfort of your home without any special props
  • Easy, gentle yoga stretches to reduce stress
  • Audio recorded walking meditations
  • Journaling pages
  • Helpful PDFs inspire you to dive deeper into the habit change work
  • Virtual group coaching meetings each week of the course. We will have two live Q&As, you can come to one or both!
  • Private Facebook group filled with members of the Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ Course who are on the journey with you

Discover how to create balance in your life so that you aren’t running on empty.

Throughout the course, we will be creating new relationships with food, movement, and how to mindfully practice self-care. This is not a diet program. I won't be telling you exactly what to eat and when. But I will teach you how to listen to that voice within you and create a mindfulness approach to eating that truly will fill you up. I will help you to eliminate cravings and make better, healthier choices for the food that you consume.


"Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ Course was great to help process how things besides food affect weight loss and health.  I also enjoyed working with others and knowing that I was not alone in the feelings I had around food, exercise, sleep, relationships, and professional life."

  - L. Gutierrez

I have taught yoga and fitness classes for 11 years, tried every diet under the sun from paleo to vegan to keto. What I realized for myself was that no matter how many miles I ran a day or how many calories I counted there were important steps that were missing out from every program I encountered, HABIT CHANGE.

I have worked with hundreds of clients in small-group and private coaching as a certified health and life coach to bring you a step-by-step guide on how to make healthy habits that stick.

Benefits of the Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ Course:

  • Personal Attention, even though you can work the program at your own pace. I am here to help you along the way with twice, weekly live Q&A zoom meetings.
  • Motivation is contagious when we work together as a group.
  • Accountability, join the private Facebook group to continue the connections with others after the 8 weeks is over.
  • Weight Loss, by creating healthy habits in your life that will be easy to keep and follow.

Refocus and Reset Your Life ™ Course takes 8 weeks to complete but it evolves into a healthy lifestyle. You will have access to the program materials for eternity. Virtual group meetings only take place during the designated 8 weeks period of the program but everything else; informational content and workout videos are yours to keep forever! After the program has started there will be no refunds. Email Gretchen@beeyogafusion with any additional questions you may have.

Invest in your health and happiness!
The next group begins in September, save your spot!!