Class Descriptions

Regardless of your experience, we offer a wide variety of classes.

All-Levels Vinyasa Yoga Flow: Linking breath to the movement, we build strength and increase flexibility while quieting the mind. This is a flow class that means we move through the yoga poses faster than a Gentle Yoga class. There is always a focus on balance, core strength, and flexibility.
Open to all students.
Our most popular class is offered several times a week.

Yin Yoga:
In this slow-paced yoga practice, we move into various poses to the point of resistance and hold the pose for a short time. Targeting the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility.
Mondays at 6:30 pm

Gentle Yoga Stretch: In this Hatha-styled yoga class, postures are held for a longer amount of time, the surrender is deeper. Free your body of long-held stress and tension and assist the nervous system in finding a quiet, peaceful state of being while holding the yoga poses closer to the ground.
* This is NOT a flow class.
Great for beginners to intermediate students.
Tuesdays at 6 pm

Pilates Tai Chi Fusion: The best low-impact way to build core strength is through Pilates! This class is a fusion of core and the meditative, slow rhythm of Tai Chi. Relieve back pain and improve posture, making daily activities easier and less strenuous. This is an all-level class; beginner students to advanced athletes will see results in their posture, strengthening their back muscles and abdominals.
45-minute class.

Pregnant students should avoid this class due to the focus on the core.
First and Third Wednesday of the month at 6pm

Gentle Yoga Flow: Move through the yoga movements including the sun salutation and balance poses at a gentle pace. This class is calming and meditative.
60-minute class.
Open to all levels, including beginners.
Thursdays at 7pm

Mindful Movement Strength: In this 45 minute Strength class, we take a mindfulness approach to building strength in our whole bodies. 
Hand weights, a chair, and a yoga mat are needed for class. You can do the class barefoot or with shoes on, your choice.
45-minute class. Open to all levels, including beginners.
Thursdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 10:15am

Soulful Yoga Flow: This all-levels flow yoga class has a slower pace with longer intentional stretches. Soulful Yoga Flow incorporates heart-opening movements along with thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging inspiration from the instructor. Both physically satisfying but also internally focused, go ahead fall in love with Soulful Yoga Flow- we have!
Sundays at 11:15am