Are you new to yoga or new to the Bee Yoga Fusion studio? Here are some helpful tips to get started.

Has Bee Yoga Fusion always been here?
Yes and no. We are so excited to have a studio space in Historic Roosevelt Center in Old Greenbelt, MD. The studio is conveniently located above the New Deal Cafe and the Greenbelt Federal Credit Union on the 2nd floor.

What style of yoga is taught at Bee Yoga Fusion?
The classes are mainly Vinyasa, which means linking breath to movement. The core foundation of a vinyasa class is the Sun Salutation and each pose is linked together to create a flow on your mat. 

I've never taken yoga before, can I take one of the All-Levels classes?
I ask that students be honest with themselves and their level of fitness. If you don't have a regular exercise routine I would suggest coming to the Standing Yoga Flow class on Thursday nights at 6:30pm before trying an All-Levels class. If you are a marathon runner, gymnast or boot camp junkie...I'm sure you will be fine in an All-Levels class. 

Do I need to pre-register for the class?
Yes, space is limited to 12 people and the classes do fill up in advance. To guarantee that you are able to practice please reserve online. 

What do I wear to class?
You don't need to purchase expensive workout clothes! Just wear clothes that you can move in and that feels comfortable. All of the classes are done in bare feet, no socks! 
Make sure that the clothes are fitted, if your shirt is hanging in your face it will become annoying to you very quickly. Here is a good test: Reach up to the sky...are you okay if your shirt lifts up and shows your belly? Now reach for your toes...does your shirt flop in your face? Choose clothes that hug your body but allow you to move freely. It's not a fashion show. 

What do I bring to yoga/pilates/stretch class?
Yourself and an open mind. You can rent one of the high-quality Manduka mats at the studio for $1. 

Where do I put my stuff?
Leave your shoes and jacket in the hallway near the bench, enter the studio door and deposit your personal belongings in a cubby. Remember to turn OFF your cell phone or place in AIRPLANE mode, not vibrate. 

Is this a "Hot Yoga" studio?
No. The studio is heat and air-conditioned to a very comfortable temperature in which to practice in a tank top if you so desire. 

Can my kid come to the studio or take a class with me?
If your child can quietly read a book or play on their electronic device without prompts to be quiet they are welcome to hang out in the hallway on the bench, the studio door will be shut and the child will be out of eyesight. If your child can not sit quietly please do not bring them to the studio. If your child causes a disturbance to the instructor's teaching or the other businesses in the suite he/she will no longer be able to attend with you. 

Babies (non-crawling or walking) are always welcome to lay next to you on your mat. There is also a studio Ergo carrier if you would like to try taking the class with the baby strapped to you.

Children over the age of 8 are welcome to practice alongside you, please make your reservation for 2 people as your child will be taking up a mat space. Children attending yoga without a parent is on a case by case basis, email Gretchen@BeeYogaFusion.  

Signing up for classes just got easier on your mobile device!

Add Bee Yoga Fusion to your phone/tablet screen to create an App like feature this will allow you to sign up for classes easier on a mobile device. Click here to start on your mobile device:

For iPhones and iPads:
-Then touch the Share button on the menu bar at the bottom, it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up.
-On the popup menu, click on the Add to Home Screen option.
-"Bee Yoga Fusion LLC" will show. Click on the Add button.
-You’ll return to the home screen on your iPhone or iPad, which is now showing the new Bee Yoga Fusion app icon.

Android tablets and phones :
-Then hit the Settings button – it’s three vertical dots, locating in the top/bottom right of the screen.
-Click on Add to Home screen. A pop-up window will open.
-If you wish, edit the name of the page, then click on ADD.
-Click OK to add Bee Yoga Fusion to your Home screen on your phone or tablet.